3 Reason to Become an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a foundational principal rooted early on in history. Since the dawn of time, humanity has longed to create businesses or products and generate wealth. As time has progressed, these desires have strengthened, and our creativity has prospered. Now, with access to cutting-edge technology and tremendous knowledge entrepreneurs are emerging everywhere.

While the concept of entrepreneurship has stood the test of time, the reasons people want to become entrepreneurs have shifted. In the past, starting a business was typically driven by wealth, whereas now, people are driven by multiple factors.

Here is a list of the three most common reasons people want to become entrepreneurs:


1. Be your own Boss

Entrepreneurs are often creative and unconventional workers. Driven by ideas and creativity, the confinement of a 9-5 job or corporate environments quickly stifles the fire of an entrepreneur. The ability to establish your own hours, schedule, pay rate, goals, projects, and team are all things that encourage entrepreneurs to start their own business.


2. Purse your own Ideas and Passions

When working a specific job, you are often told what to do each day without being asked where your interest lies. This daily routine stifles the creative spirit of the true entrepreneur and leads to disgruntlement. The idea of being able to devote your time and effort to a business, idea, or project that you are truly passionate about or interested in each day attracts entrepreneurs everywhere. The freedom to spend your time on only the things you are interested in instead of being told what to accomplish each day is another main reason people want to become entrepreneurs.


3. Pursue Financial Rewards

The third and final reason people want to become entrepreneurs is to pursue financial rewards. Although most people would think this is the most common reason to become an entrepreneur it is typically the last of the three mentioned in this article. While it is true that most people want to develop a business or product that generates them an income that supports their lifestyle, typically the freedom of being their own boss or the ability to pursue their own passions or hobbies is more important.


When contemplating whether you want to become an entrepreneur, it is critical that you evaluate your “why”. Are you interested in entering the field to become your own boss? Are you ready to dedicate your time and effort to your own passions? Or, are you looking for a way to generate a self-sufficient income? Understanding your “why” will help you with all the steps to follow when starting your own business. Your reasoning for entering into entrepreneurship will serve as the core of your businesses mission and value statements which are the first steps of writing your business plan.


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